Born on 12/19/1981- Murdered on 05/22/2004


Daddy why did you take my Mommy away?

I love my Mommy don’t you know,

So, why did you make her die?

I didn’t ever want too say good-bye.

I’ll never forget that awful fight

And then that awful sound,

The gun shot screaming in my mind.

I might of only been 13 months,

But Daddy she was my Mommy.

So, Why did you take her life?

Daddy why did you tell them awful lies

When I was right there by my Mommy’s side,

Holding onto my Mommy as she died.

I’ll miss my Mommy,

So tell me Daddy why did you make her die?

She won’t ever get too see all the wonderful things I’ll do

Cause Daddy you took her from me.

You took her life that morning

Along with a few hearts.

Cause so many loved my Mommy.

Well Daddy, One thing you’ll never be able to take from me

Is the love Mommy had for her family and me.

Something you was never able to find,

Cause you took her life that awful morning.

Now she is an angel in heaven looking out for those she loves.

So, Daddy tell me why,

Why did you take my Mommy’s life?

Leanda’s Daughter
Hailey Leanda Rosalyn Atkinson